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To see means being able to make a decision.
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“AREAL POINT” EOOD - independent legal entity
HEAD OFFICE AND REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS: Bulgaria, Sofia, Metropolitan Municipality – “Vitosha” District, “Boyana” Residential District,
18 “Marinkovitsa” Str.
Tel.: 8 565 132; Mobile: 0899 16 80 52
The Company may be additionally written out in English language as well, namely: “AREAL POINT”.


Consultations and consulting activities in the field of construction, investment and designing, preliminary assessment and assessment upon real estate and building investment, real estate/plot selection for construction and argumentation, initial risk assessment upon real estate deals, legal analysis, plots and real estates, infrastructure and infrastructure projects, construction projects management, investment pre-project research, investment research and design, stageness of construction, selection of materials for the implementation of the CAW (Construction and Assembly Works), construction, financing of construction and assembly works, design estimate documentation, CAW budget, CAW banking, investment control, accountancy and book-keeping for CAW, marketing researches on CAW materials, organization of tenders and CAW tender documentation, CAW contracting and contracts, information analysis, CAW accountancy and design, CAW management, putting into exploitation and functioning, access to and use of the site, geodesy, engineering geodesy for high and low construction, photogrammetry, cartography, real estate assessment, real estate and plot trade, provision of consultations and services, and commission deals.