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To see means being able to make a decision.
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The COMPANY is solely-owned by Emil Emilov Alexiev, and has entirely undertaken the activity performed by ET “EMIL ALEXIEV” (established in 1993 by Emil Boyanov Alexiev), upon introducing new types of activities to the practice of many years of the Company in question.
On 15th May 2007 EMIL EMILOV ALEXIEV, from the city of Sofia, signed the ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION settling the formation, the organization structure and the activity of “AREAL POINTEOOD as an independent legal entity.

As a part of the activity of ET “EMIL ALEXIEV" – real estate consultations and assessments, geodesy -

Real Estates:
- consultations; construction for compensation; buys, sells (Sofia, Sofia Region)-plots; real estates; apartments; offices; houses; and rents.

-survey - real estates, plots; levelling;
-layout; partitions; regulations; landscaping;

Real Estate Assessment:
- investment assessments, market assessments, etc.
- consultations on the general conditions of a real estate upon purchase or repairs.