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To see means being able to make a decision.
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  1. Preproject surveys;
  2. Preliminary and preparation procedures;
  3. Design task;
  4. Preliminary budget;
  5. Selection of teams of designers;
  6. Design assignment;
  7. Company selection for Independent Building Control;
  8. Design control;
  9. Project coordination with the instances;
  10. Obtaining of a Construction Permit for the building, the external connections and installaions, and the area around the building;
  11. CAW Contracting and Contracts;
  12. Preparation of financing, a budget and its update, banking, accountancy and book-keeping for CAW;
  13. Opening the building site in accordance with the norms operative in Bulgaria, and provision of temporary current and temporary water-main for it;
  14. Organization of tenders for executors according to the separate types of work;
  15. Information analysis and management, design estimate documentation and registration of the CAW;
  16. Working calculation preparation;
  17. Working schedule preparation;
  18. Exercise of control and coordination between the separate executors;
  19. Marketing researches on CAW materials;
  20. Investment control and information analysis;
  21. Completion of the respective site of the infrastructure, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission and obtaining of a Permit for Use;
  22. Completion of the respective site, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission until obtaining a Permit for Use.