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Trade Center with an office part

01.06.2006 – 01.12.2008 – SITE: “Trade Center with an office part” – hypermarket for building materials with the following location: Regulated Landed Property /RLP/ VI, quadrant 44, locality of Malinova Dolina, Students’ District, Sofia, in the proximity of the crossing of Simeonovsko Shousse and the Ring-road.

Technical and Economic Indicators

  • Built-up area            -                2258.62 m2
  • Total built-up area    -                9217.00 m2
  • Built-up volume        -                  37 466 m3

  • The total external engineer communication;
  • The storehouse part of a shop that may function for the purpose of storing the articles of building materials;
  • Sanitary and daily premises, personnel;
  • Rest premises, personnel;
  • Guard, cash-desk and offices of dealers;
  • Shop at two levels;
  • Shop at one level with a constructive height of 9.00 m;
  • Sanitary premises;
  • Cafe;
  • Bank office;
  • Office parts.

 The terrain is situated to the north of a ring-road.
 The additional limitations, except for the elongations up to the regulation line, are as follows – The presence within the terrain of a transmission line; Main water-conduit.
Upon the project development, the city-planning indicators for Compactness and Intensity of building-up have been observed. Company’s offices have been made in the north-east part of the building. Upon the positioning of the building, a main entrance for clients from the side of a ring-road through a local street has been provided, as well as an entrance for trucks from the side of Simeonovsko Shousse through a local street encroaching along the north side of the plot. There is a plan for a parking lot. The following have been also situated within the plot – a CTP (Control Technical Point), a Diesel aggregate, an Underground sprinkler reservoir, and Rake pit.
 There have been two commercial sites with one vertical communication implemented at an elevation ± 0.00. One of the shops has been planned to be on two levels, each of which with a constructive height of 4.50 m. The other shop is with a constructive height of 9.00 m. The separation of the two shops provides the opportunity for the differentiation of the goods offered. The main retail shop also includes a plant for sanitary premises; cafe-pastry shop; and a Bank office. There are office floors for the Company planned in the north-east part of the building.

 The supporting structure of the building is of a mixed type. Monolythic columns of reinforced concrete, assembly steel beams and capitals, on which the LT sheet metal has been placed, as a remaining shuttering, monolithic slates in the office part of the building implemented in the north-east part.
 The roof is flat, made of profiled sheet metal, and mineral wadding. The roof hydroinsulation is made of a SIKA EPDM membrane situated on the roof panel that is a combination of sheet metal and wadding. The roof drainage is via funnels and drain pipes, the size of which has been determined in the VK Part.
A pre-wall casing of plasterboard has been planned from the internal part of the thermopanels.
The walls separating the shops are made of aerated concrete. The walls separating the wholesale shop for construction materials and the office part in the north-east part are also made of aerated concrete. The remaining partition walls are made of plasterboard. The office premises are done with an AMF hung ceiling – slabs of mineral fibreboards of 60/60. The walls of the sanitary premises are done with moisture resistant plasterboard.”

Participation as a consultant and investment control to the Company, and additional participation in:
  1. Preproject surveys.
  2. Preliminary and preparation procedures.
  3. Company selection for Independent Building Control.
  4. Design control.
  5. Project coordination with the instances.
  6. Obtaining of a Construction Permit for the building, the external connections and installaions, and the area around the building.
  7. CAW contracting and contracts
  8. Preparation of financing, a budget and its update, banking, Accountancy and book-keeping for CAW.
  9. Opening the building site in accordance with the norms operative in Bulgaria, and provision of temporary current and temporary water-main for it.
  10. Organization of tenders for executors according to the separate types of work.
  11. Information analysis and management, design estimate documentation and registration of the CAW.
  12. Working calculation preparation.
  13. Exercise of control and coordination between the separate executors.
  14. Marketing researches on CAW materials.
  15. Investment control and Information analysis.
  16. Completion of the respective site of the infrastructure, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission and obtaining of a Permit for Use.
  17. Completion of the respective site, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission until obtaining a Permit for Use.