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Storehouse Shop and Offices

01.03.2008 – 01.08.2008
SITE: “Storehouse – Shop and Offices” in Regulated Landed Property /RLP/ –577,542; quadrant 2; locality of Manastriski Livadi - East; Metropolitan Municipality – Triaditsa District, 72 “T. Kableshkov” Str., Sofia.

  1. RLP area                                                                     –  1340.00  sq.m
  2. Built-up area                                                             –    356.15  sq.m
  3. Total built-up area                                                   –    415.44  sq.m
  4. Built-up cubature                                                     –  1780.75 cub.m


 The site of sizes 9 – 10 m/36 m and a light height of 5 m is situated in RLP –577,542, and has an area of 1340 sq.m, in accordance with the city-planning indicators specified in the design visa.
 The following are situated at a level, at an elevation +0.00:
 Trade Hall with an area of 242.47 sq.m for self-service sale
with an open display of the goods, which are presented by groups on wallside and island racks. The following are situated in the Trade Hall: foyer, guard office, a place for metal carts and luggage cells. Trade Department with two places of work – 15.22 sq.m Storehouse area – 50 sq.m. Foyer to the service entrance –13 sq.m. Daily premises - an anteroom with a sink and a cupboard for sanitary requisite – 2.55 sq.m; WC – 1.35 sq.m; wardrobe premises with 1 sink, a shower cabin, a dressing cabin, and 4 double individual cupboards (35/50 cm), with separate sections for the working clothes, with a total area of 8.10 sq.m.

The following are situated at level, at an elevation +2.75: Shop Manager Office – 20.39 sq.m; Personnel room with a kitchen box (refrigerator, a sick and a microwave) – 9.60 sq.m; Daily premises – an anteroom with a sink – 1.40 sq.m; WC – 1.46 sq.m; wardrobe premises with 1 sink, a shower cabin, a dressing cabin, and 4 double individual cupboards (35/50 cm), with separate sections for the working clothes, with a total area of 6.57 sq.m
 The building foundation is an armoured, 12-cm concrete covering. The supporting structure is made of steel columns and beams, steel capitals and a roof cover – LP steel with a filling of mineral wadding for the heat insulation. The metal construction has been processed with an anti-fire cover. The floor cover is Granitogres and self-spilling flooring. The facade walls are made of grey-coloured ecopanels /WL/. These have their own construction, according to details of the company-producer. The joinery is aluminum double glazed windows with thermal insulation. The metal construction (columns, beams, capitals, LT sheet metal) in the administrative part of both levels has been processed with an anti-fire cover and faced (walls and ceilings) with plaster fibreboard.  The roof of the second level is a slate of armoured concrete, founded on LT steel processed with an anti-fire cover. Its flooring at an elevation + 2.75 m should be Granitogres, and for the ceiling of the first floor – plaster fibreboard. A fire-announcing installation and a weak-current installation have been installed.”

Fully organizes and implements to the Company as follows:

  1. Preproject surveys.
  2. Preliminary and preparation procedures.
  3. Design task.
  4. Preliminary budget
  5. Selection of teams of designers.
  6. Design assignment.
  7. Company selection for Independent Building Control.
  8. Design control.
  9. Project coordination with the instances.
  10. Obtaining of a Construction Permit for the building, the external connections and installaions, and the area around the building.
  11. CAW contracting and contracts
  12. Preparation of financing, a budget and its update, banking, Accountancy and book-keeping for CAW.
  13. Opening the building site in accordance with the norms operative in Bulgaria, and provision of temporary current and temporary water-main for it.
  14. Organization of tenders for executors according to the separate types of work.
  15. Information analysis and management, design estimate documentation and registration of the CAW.
  16. Working calculation preparation.
  17. Working schedule preparation.
  18. Exercise of control and coordination between the separate executors.
  19. Marketing researches on CAW materials.
  20. Investment control and Information analysis.
  21. Completion of the respective site of the infrastructure, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission and obtaining of a Permit for Use.
  22. Completion of the respective site, organization of its acceptance by the State Acceptance Commission until obtaining a Permit for Use.