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To see means being able to make a decision.
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  1. The EXECUTOR will be obliged to fulfill his obligations in accordance with the universally adopted rules for construction and the contemporary level of engineering and the engineering sciences by conforming to the respective legal provisions in the field of construction.
  2. All works done must conform to the basic principles of economic efficiency, as well as to the public and legal provisions. As far as the observation of the Bulgarian public and legal provisions and standards is not absolutely obligatory, the EXECUTOR will be obliged to choose a decision being most profitable from an economic point of view in a long-term plan. This specially refers to those cases when the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY recommends or wishes the application of alternative decisions.
  3. The EXECUTOR will be obliged, during the contract term, immediately to inform the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY for all matters connected with the design and the construction, especially for such matters that need an immediate reply and that are of importance regarding the decisions-making on the part of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY.
  4. The EXECUTOR will be obliged to organize and minute periodical meetings for the design and construction discussion. The meetings will be organized and set with the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY’s consent. If the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY does not take part in the meetings, the same will immediately receive the minute with the results. Upon the implementation of his activity, the EXECUTOR may refer to the fact that the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY is constantly being informed via sending the minutes about the detailed implementation of the design and the construction.
  5. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY’s decisions must be ensured in due time by the EXECUTOR. The EXECUTOR must provide in advance to the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY all necessary documents available, as well as sufficient information. The EXECUTOR, at his own discretion, will recommend to the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY a decision that is the most efficient one from an economic point of view. Together with the description or the provision of drafts of the options, the EXECUTOR will also provide the respective bills of quantities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives and their consequences for the calendar plan with the terms.
  6. In his capacity as a confidant of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY, the EXECUTOR will not have the right to represent the interests of any third persons.